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    So I'm planning on doing the tedious job of making a series of patches and codes for B&W, much like the ones for Platinum, which change the battle music. Is there information anywhere on how to do so? In addition, and this is an afterthought, is there an easy way of turning a patch into an AR code, or do I have to code those myself?

    Don't get me wrong, this isn't asking for someone to do the work for me. It's just me asking for someone to point me in the right direction to the information I need.
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    yes replay codes are kinda like patches, but it is easier to make a patch as the code would be huge to do the same thing.
    the reason the action replay codes would be huge is that they only patch small parts. what you are talking about is huge chunks in the rom - a much, much, much larger code. there is a way to do it check out the action replay code making sites but I wouldn't even bother, way to much work.

    you may need the following for your sound hack.
    why the .sdat is a container file and has different files in them - here are some tools for those files.
    I am not linking there download sites as I don't have the authors permission to do so.
    vgmtoolbox or vgmtrans
    nitroexplorer2 (to explore the rom and replace the sdat sound files)

    It may be as simple as finding the right file(s) in the sdat and replacing the right ones in the sdat you wanna change.

    dump the sounds find the music you want to have in the B&w open up b&w .sdat and find then replace the sound files you need to change.

    As to which files you need to get- well you can figure that out. If you need more help post again.

    And yes there are threads on this.

    hey mods its time to pick the best thread for this and sticky it.