MMO Adventure Game Heading To DS

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    Just been checking up on dates and that for DS releases and one has been added for 24th June;

    The Half Broken Crown: The Broken Kingdoms

    Clicked on it and it said that it was a Massive Multiplayer Online Adventure game. Did a bit of googling and it appears to be heading to most of the other popular consoles (plus the PS3 [​IMG] ) though for some reason 360 is left out.

    Press statement:
    "The Half Broken Crown will be made into a massively multiplayer online game. It will be a point and click style adventure which incorporates MMO elements that allow all online players to communicate and solve puzzles through collaboration and cooperation.

    Darren Reid said, “Of all my upcoming projects this is perhaps the one I am most thrilled about. It is an exceptional opportunity for me to expand upon the forthcoming book and to tell new stories.”

    Broken Kingdoms is expected to release in June 2007 for the PS3, PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii, PC and Mac. The game is being co-developed by James O’Hara and will have 100 unique screens. It will be free, but there are optional micro-transactions available. Broken Kingdoms will also have episodic content in the price range of $2.50-$5.00.

    Though all console and computer versions of Broken Kingdoms will have multiplayer components of the game, the DS and PSP editions will get it later."

    There are some screenshots but it doesn't say which format they are from but I'm guessing all versions will look the same. Not sure if its anything to get excited about but its kinda interesting and free to try.
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    nice idea but not many ppl will play since it will be hard to control the game but you may never know
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    I doubt the DS version will be as massive or as multiplayer as the other consoles' versions.
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