MicroSD: 1GB high-speed or 2GB standard-speed?

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  1. spanish_biker79

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    Nov 15, 2006
    I have been looking for a while now and although I have seen a sandisk ultra II 2GB microSD card, I think that that's fake, as it has not been released in the official sandisk site. I would prefer a 2GB one, but I have not read any review, comment about its behaviour when using it with a SuperCard Lite. Has anyone used a 2GB standard speed with no slow-downs? or should I go with the 1GB high-speed one?
  2. Qpido

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    Jul 12, 2006
    There is no thing as an Ultra MicroSD.

    This is the best u can get for MicroSD from Sandisk at the moment.

    I think if you're going to try out an MicroSD, it's best to trust Sandisk.
    It's THE best brand on the market if u ask me, I know alot of people who use it and haven't heard any complaint yet.
    Plus you can get a waranty right?

  3. retrobot

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    Dec 3, 2006
    there is a new 2gb microsd ultra from sandisk.
    priced at around $100US.

    ^^ think the guy meant microsd ultra, but we all know what he means [​IMG]
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    And here all along I thought he was talking about TransFlash... [​IMG]

    retrobot: it kind of depends what adapter you intend to use it with. If you are going to be getting a AceKard or something, your should check out their list of recommended cards. If you are going to be using it with an M3, you should check out the M3 wiki. If you are going to use it with a EZ, dont bother with the Ultra as it won't use any extra speed that the card can supply. If you are going to be using it in a high quality digital camera... get the Ultra as it writes faster.

    In all cases with the few flashcarts I have, the "standard" sandisk has performed as well with regards to DS adapters as the Ultra versions, though on the M3 you can get slightly better performance when using an ultra. In most cases, the "ultra" line is meant for faster writes wrather than faster reads (for use in specialty applications where faster write speed is more important, like digital video or photography).

    BTW: just because its not on the US/English SanDisk site doesn't meant it does not exist. They are slow to update their NA site even after their product reaches US shelves (especially for products that are generally first available in Japan only). As a matter of fact, I remember clearly my 1G sandisk SD (not TF/micro) not appearing on the official site until about 1 month after I had seen it in local store flyers.
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    Apr 29, 2006
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    I believe the SuperCard website & ppl here have both stated getting perfect video playback
    5 of 5 on Castlevania. With the SuperCard Lite & on a standard-speed sandisk witch is one
    of the more comman SD-card DS speed tests.
  6. -DeaDLocK-

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    Nov 16, 2006
    The only place so far where you will see any slowdown, if indeed there is any at all, will be the Castlevania intro.

    But seriously, even if there's a hiccup, exactly how often are you going to view that intro? Knowing that your hardware hiccups on an intro sequence is hardly going to ruin your enjoyment of the rest of the 99.99999% of the DS gaming world which run perfectly on the SuperCard. You catch my drift?

    I guarantee that you will get far more benefit from a 2GB card than a fast 1GB card.

    But in any case I have the 2GB SanDisk and it's fine. I don't know about the Castlevania intro, but I really couldn't be bothered as I hate that game.

    And don't worry too much about fakes. There are very few factories which produce MicroSD cards, and if they have the know-how to churn out a 2GB one, then chances are it's the exact same card as the standard SanDisk 2GB but with different branding. Just make sure you don't pay a premium and you'll be fine.
  7. tehcamel

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    Nov 30, 2006
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