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    Lately I have not posted on these forums but have been reading along some threads of interest. The reason I'm choosing to ease back on joining conversations is because it seems to me that most threads and posts involves means of downloading/pirating games. It's either about sites to get games @, torrents, or newsgroups (or how to use these means to pirate). I liked this community for some active discussions of gaming and to help out members with certain problems and the fact that there are rules about discussing means of pirating (aka posting where to download games). But now I think things have gotten out of hand and I want no part of this. I realize it does not matter if I post or not (regarding any issues on this site, I don't see myself of great importance on this site anyways) but I just wanted the admins to have something to think about. Good luck to all the great guys I've met on this board.
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    Oh [​IMG]
    C'mon just skip the first page of every Wii release thread.
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    Fine tune your selective vision and stick around!

    I know how you feel, when I see "how do I use usenet" topics, I'd like to step on 'em too, and I've made a small hobby out of squashing Demonoid Invite Requests. How it is with me though, I just stick to the Other Discussions forums for my postings by and large and everything else I scan with a grain of salt (hope the admins aren't listening, I'm supposed to be a Global Moderator.) Things come in waves, and then settle down. Every time the site gets a big jump in membership, the focus goes a little wobbly for a while. Again, I understand where you're coming from, but try to keep an eye on us here, and jump in once in a while. I've noticed you drifting off, and I remember when you were one of my most admired founts of information.

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