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May 2, 2008
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Mario and Luigi are returning to the 3/4 overhead view in less than a month as Mario & Luigi RPG 3 hits Japan on February 11. Just ahead of the release, Famitsu has provided an update on the game in its latest issue.

This third RPG adventure for gaming's most famous mushroom-eating plumbers kicks off with the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom gathering to discuss what to do about a disease that's spreading throughout the kingdom. Koopa, under the control of an even more villainous villain called Gerakowitz, shows up and sucks everyone into his belly.

You play Mario & Luigi RPG 3 on both screens. The top screen shows Koopa as he adventures through the Mushroom Kingdom in an effort to extract revenge on Gerakowitz. The bottom screen shows Mario, Luigi, Yellow Star, and the other Mushroom Kingdom residents as they attempt to work their way out from within Koopa's belly.

Following Luigi and Mario's tear-filled reunion inside Koopa's belly (Luigi does actually cry!), the two explore the innards of their former rival, stumbling upon other Mushroom Kingdom residents who offer valuable information and will even open up shop to sell handy items. Also hanging around waiting to lend assistance is the mysterious Hemoglobin, a yellow block-like character who seems to know his way around Koopa's insides and will offer valuable assistance.

The two sides of the adventure have effects on one-another. Mario and Luigi can pinch nerves to send Koopa into a panic. Even though he's the one who sucked them up, it turns out that Koopa doesn't know that Mario and Luigi are inside him. The two can also touch a muscle to make Koopa power up.

On the other side of things, Koopa can send enemies at Mario and Luigi. As you advance through the game, Koopa will gain the ability to use a "Vacuum" attack during battle. When using this attack, enemies will sometimes be sucked into Koopa's belly, where Mario and Luigi will have to deal with them on the spot!

The main battle systems for both Koopa and the plumber brothers appear to be similar to the action-heavy offerings of past Mario & Luigi titles. You tap buttons to perform attacks. In the case of the plumbers, A makes Mario attack, with B making Luigi perform a followup.

By searching through Koopa's body, you can now find special Attack Parts, which can be used to create new special attack skills for the characters to use. An example is "Sweet Basket," which has Mario toss a giant Luigi, all puffed up from eating too much candy, at enemies.

Outside of the main battle system, you'll also find a special Koopa-only battle system, which pits a giant Koopa against equally sized foes. During these battles, you hold the DS in book form. Sweeping the stylus across the screen makes Koopa do a mega punch against his foe. Breathing into the mic makes Koopa do a flame attack.

We're still a bit confused as to how the multiscreen gameplay setup will work, but with a wacky premise and the humor for which the series is known, we're certain Mario & Luigi RPG 3 will be a total blast. Expect full impressions to come once the Japanese version sees release in a few weeks


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