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Apr 8, 2019
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I have had this singular, unadulterated passion for Mario Golf 64 for the better part of my life. It's been at the center of more than one friendship, the cause of many a blackout drunk night in college, and sparked many months-long picture message score card rivalries.

Anyway, I figured it could be entertaining to try to start a very casual forum-based tournament. Rules are simple:

1. Play a round of stroke play on any course with any character.

2. Post a screencap of your scorecard after the round is over, and specify platform.

3. Honor system for save/continue reloads. Nobody will have a way to check or anything since it's just an upload of your score card, but hey it's in the spirit of the game to play it through, regardless of that line drive into a deep jungle ravine, right?

4. Commentary is cool! Did your tee shot land on a bird's back, and he carries it out of bounds, but then is attacked by a larger bird who grabs the ball and drops it in the hole? Is that just some King of the Hill reference and not a thing that happens in the game's engine? Who knows. Just spice up your score with some commentary if you feel like it.

I'll go ahead and start. Playing on an N64. I chose Toad Highlands as a warmup course. Hole 6 and 17 were ace run pin shots from the green. I had some bad luck with crosswind and headwind on the top half of the course; but it came together in the back half, with some monster D.K. drives and under-regulation greens, balanced out by a pair of pars from a flubbed drive and a missed putt, and a choke on hole 18. Overall it was about a B-grade round, but definitely could have saved some strokes, so it was about 5 short of my PB.

Alright GBAtemp, take me to school! Show me them scorecards!
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