mario and sonic at the olympic games DS

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    Jan 27, 2008
    - Introduction

    Mario and sonic the Olympic games DS is a really fun game for all the family, it differs from the wii version in many ways and will have even the hardest to please DS players itching for more

    - Gameplay

    the gameplay is very simple, all games have different controls and somtimes the controls even differ depending what character you are using!!! the sports are split up into several catagories - athletics, aquatics, gymnastics and dream events, however table tennis, fencing, archery, cycling and shooting are not in any catargory. You can choose from a long list of characters from the mario and sonic universe, each boasting a different skill.

    - Graphics

    The game has nice cartoon style graphics that well illustrate the theme of the olympics, and the characters look really good, all character look exactly how you would picture them with the exception of bowser, who looks like he was added in at the end as he looks very different to the way he does in recent games such as mario galaxy and new super mario bros.

    - Sound

    the music is very good and fits in with the olympics, players can play small minigames to unlock a total of 10 tracks from the mario and sonic universes, the characters voices are as you would expect them, and each character has many sayings for both winning and losing.

    The game is very enjoyable and earns a score of 8/10!


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.