Maintenance Mode Brick Persists!

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by OMGLX, Jul 31, 2010.

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    May 1, 2010
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    Still trying to fix the problem detailed here--;#entry2798382

    Short version (ideally) listed here.

    -Followed hack guide on Lifehacker some months ago.

    -Things ran fine for a couple of weeks.

    -Kicking back to the System Menu from hacked games appeared to bork the System Menu, resulting in an apparent brick.

    -Discovered that using Maintenance Mode circumvented the soft-brick.

    -Thought it was a Mailbox Bug, followed the guide to fix that... no dice.

    -With help, reinstalled Mii Channel that had become corrupted.

    -Was told not to revirginize the Wii, instead opted to redo the entire hacking process.


    Problem still exists, but now I'm finding that if I use the Maintenance Mode workaround, and then access Homebrew Channel...

    ...then hit HOME to 'Return to System Menu', it successfully kicks back, AND the mailbox works just fine.

    Additionally, after having done this, turning off the Wii and restarting it alleviates the soft-brick for the rest of the day, basically.

    Sooo.... WTF!? I don't know what to do! HELP!
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    hold old is your wii? is it an LU64+ serial no.? does the drive successfully recognize burnt dvds upon modding via any given method? ever changed regions on your wii?
    do you have bootmii/boot2?

    I dont want to read a guide to see what you have done, but I will help you if you tell me what you have done....

    list every program you ran, every cIOS you installed, details, error messages you got, etc.


    change preloader/priiloader settings FROM: AUTOBOOT=System Menu RETURN TO=System Menu ...TO: AUTOBOOT=System Menu RETURN TO=Autoboot

    and in your other thread, you have made it sound like you have 3-4 different problems...what is the problem that caused you to post in the first place? is that your current problem? you're very unlikely to fix more than one problem at a time..