MadCitrus - ctrmus with a GUI

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    Feb 26, 2015

    If you're feeling adventurous and want to compile stuff, do not try the master branch, it's bullshit that crashes as fast as possible

    Well what the title says. I was looking for a good music player on the 3DS and ctrmus was awesome. But I wanted playlist support among other things so that's why this project exists

    • can read all formats supported by ctrmus. However, I'm a lazy person so I only tweaked numbers here and there for mp3, flac and wav to work correctly. For all other formats, you're almost guaranteed that the UI will lag. And for mp3 and flac, you may encounter occasional stutter in audio playback. This should be fixed once I switch to the newest ctrmus which uses threads instead of doing dirty things in one loop only (which causes audio to pause temporarily when browsing folders too, which is another annoyance)
    • playlist support so you can choose all the music you want to play for the next 30 minutes then never touch your 3DS again
    • save the playlist when exiting and load it when launching again
    • awesome orange on the top screen

    See how I use wav for every file? That's what I'd recommend if you want smooth everything
    Short term todo list:
    • a menu from where actions can be done
    • save and load playlists from that menu
    • actual m3u compliance
    Long term todo list:
    • switch to threads to get rid of audio stutter and pauses completely in all formats and all occasions
    • customization (maybe you don't like orange, and actually I don't either lol)
    Can it read videos?
    One does not read videos. You read books, but you watch videos

    Will it support launching the HBL when playing the soundhax file?
    Yes of course, soon™, once ctrmus gets support for m4a

    Why "MadCitrus"?
    Reference to MAD and GoneMAD, to the whole citrus meme which rhymes (at least visually) with ctrmus

    Why that video title?
    I would have used something else if the random UUID generator gave me something else

    Why do you never put full stops at the end of your sentences?
    That's not true, I did it sometimes, read again

    @MaK11-12 and everyone he credited for ctrmus. And for ctrmus's icon in the banner
    Niebo for the name
    The usual homebrew people
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    Nov 9, 2015
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    Pretty cool actually :P
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    Crashes for me with every launch, Installed via QR code in FBI.

    Wants to reboot the system every time after the Homebrew logo. New 3DS XL, 11.3 Luma CFW (Latest nightly).
  5. Hayleia

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    Feb 26, 2015
    And I guess you dumped DSP (otherwise you'd complain in the ctrmus thread too). In that case, I don't know. It works on my N3DSXL with Luma. On 11.2 though, but not sure why that would matter.
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