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Sep 17, 2023
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My Problem:
Custom background audio on my theme produces a screeching noise after 1 loop is completed and a software is opened and closed.

It's a droning screeching sound similar to tinnitus and only applies to my background music (all other sound effects play normally). I've found that letting the song play fully at least once then opening a game and exiting back into home causes this consistently (on both stereo and mono speaker settings). Interestingly, it will never happen if you just idle on the home menu without doing anything.

Anemone installed the theme just fine. The bcstm file is 2.46MB, the audio is 22050Hz and 3:24 long. I converted it from a non-looping MP3 using LoopingAudioConverter 1.3.3.

From what I remember, my selected options where:
  • Convert to mono
  • New sample rate (22050Hz)
  • Force start-to-end loop
  • Export whole song
  • Number of loops (1)
  • Fade-out time (0.000)
  • Write looping metadata
  • Skip re-encoding for similar formats when possible
  • Use BrawlLib RSTM decoder

I'm a bit stumped, maybe you guys could have an idea?:wacko:
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A little update: I think it might have something to do with the music being mono.

After a bit more playing around with it I've realised that my custom music only plays out the left speaker (not sure how I missed this before) and when the glitch happens the noise only plays out the right speaker.

Still, the glitch happens even when speaker settings are changed to mono so idk. I'll try to install a stereo version of this file tomorrow and see if it makes a difference.
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Update 2: Converting the audio again but in stereo seems to have solved the problem (although I also lowered the resampling rate to fit the size limit, so I can't say for sure it was that). My guess is that the system expects background music to be in stereo and gets funky when there's only 1 audio channel.
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