Hacking M3i0 Waiting game or Replace?


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Nov 21, 2010
United States
To be honest I've been reading around here and there about what fixes or patches may be employed for the M3i0. Because of the fresh new releases of high quality games such as 999 and Golden Sun, I realized that M3i0 isn't really getting any love so I decided to research some other carts, found out that DSTWO and AceKard are two good replacement choices.

But now I've been stopped in my tracks by the M3 team apparently claiming they will be coming out with a new patch "ASAP" and lots of other cool looking fixes such as the WoodM3 (Which apparently seems dead/on hold because of some drama issues with the maker) so I've decided to sit around and wait instead of shovel out some quick cash for a quick fix.

Here I am, asking you, all of you what is the best option for the M3i0 RIGHT NOW. Is there a patch, are those of you wanting to play games like 999 and GS waiting or are you going to purchase one of the other cards?

I'd like to get some feedback on this, and it's much appreciated.

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