Hacking M3 GBA Case change to work with Original DS


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Jan 14, 2009
Right seeing as my memory card has not arrived for my M3 today, I decided I'd do some think bit productive...lol

Here is a simple guide to allow you to get the GBA expansion from the M3 Real Perfect Bundle to work with the original DS

I do this as there does not seem to be a guide anywhere for this senario, and its just for people who may get a bit confused when they come to do this.

Rest assured its quite simple

Step 1


First off when you get your M3 pack, take out your GBA expansion pack and the GBA expansion case.

(I just added my DS original Rumble pack so you can see the case is the same size as a normal GBA cartridge)

Step 2


Then you will require a crosshead screwdriver. (If you have a magnetic end crosshead, then that would be better, but any will be sufficient:) )
Turn over the GBA Expansion case and GBA Expasion pack, and you will knowtice a screw in the pack of each of them.

Starting with the GBA Expansion pack remove the screw from the back, then turn over so it is facing you, and push up on the cartidge to remove the front.
The front is held together with clips so be careful not to be too forceful, otherwise you could damage (or worse break) the clips.

Step 3


The end result should be as shown above. What we are interested in is the chip inside the case, carefully slide the chip up and then place it somewhere you wont break it....lol

Step 4


Proceed to remove the screw from the back of the GBA Expansion case in the same way you did with the Expansion Pack.
The above image should be the end result.

Step 5


Proceed to place the chip from the expansion pack into the expansion case, what you are looking for to get the perfect fit is a little plastic notch on the case that the chip fits over, once that is done, place the case back together and screw it back in, dont worry bout the case coming apart whilst you put the screw back in. As long as you've clipped it on correctly it wont fall into pieces...

It should look like this:


Step 6


The final result should be as displayed above, (and just to show its the exact same size theres my DS Rumble pack again)
now that you've done the work lets make sure it works

Step 7


Place your GBA Expansion pack for original DS now in the DS, please note it may seem rather tight to put in the slot, do not worry, it does require a litlte bit of force but nothing that will harm your DS.

Step 8


Power on your DS, if all goes well you should see the display message that there is an option DS pack inserted

And there you have it, thats how you change your GBA Expansion pack to work with the original DS.

And as a side note


This is the rumble pack which you get in the M3 bundles that contain it.

This rumble pack cannot be modified into the GBA expansion case, unless your actually crazy enough to do it.

If you want a rumble pack for your original DS, Nintendo themselves actually sell them in Europe for £5 about 7 euros, for more info on that check your local Nintendo website.

Hope anyone finds this guide useful as its my first guide, and of course had no idea what I was doing...lol.


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