Weird issue with Mother 3 and some other GBA games on DS Lite.


Mar 30, 2010
Hey guys haven't been here in a long time. I just decided to finally play Mother 3 with the fan patch, and I figured i'd play it on my old DS lite (top screen broken) with my DSTT and the Gba expansion pack.

Game didn't save, so I patched the SRAM with gbata and that fixed it, but every time I get into a battle the game basically freezes.

At first the issue was first present immediately when you get into the Mole Cricket fight, the screen would freeze and i'd get these awful glitchy loud sounds over and over until I turned off the system. I got the rom into my 3DS and played past that part, got it back with the .sav into my DS lite and now when I get into a fight it's just a black screen, as can be seen in the video attached.

I think it's worth noting than after giving up on it I also started playing Tomato Adventures with the fan translation, and at a certain point in the game the exact same freeze/glitch sound happened, but I turned the system off, reinserted the GBA expansion thingie, went back to that place and it worked fine (immediately tried mother 3 again after that but the thing in the video keeps happening).

Im stumped at what the issue could be. I haven't played this DS Lite in a long while and at first it had some issues with the battery and it turned itself on and off again but after a bit of use that seems to have gone away, yet this issue still remains and if I had to guess maybe it had to do with the GBA slot stuff? or something with the SRAM patching? not sure what other way I could patch the rom to get it to save. Im sure some of you smart folk can help me nail this down to what it is that is failing. Thank you!
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I can add that the DSTT wasn't working when I took the DS out, so im running with the RetroGameFan updated Ysmenu for the DSTT and it runs great other than this issue!

the GBA expansion pack only says "GBA expansion pack for DSlite only" on it, so im not sure what type of brand it is, but from what I can remember from a decade or so ago I never had this issue before. Also can add that im just using a 256mb micro SD since I only need it for GBA games. The DSTT is a legit one and not a clone either.

the game runs totally fine on 3DS with open agb firm (so much new cool stuff out there ever since I paid attention to the scene, amazing work) but I rather play it on my DS lite for portability and such!

edit: this is the gba pack I use: M3 apparently


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