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Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by darkbliss, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. darkbliss

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    Jun 8, 2006
    I had a look at the M3 site and their last update was in April. Does anyone know if they will still support M3s in light of the new info on how they will stop making M3 Lites/mini-SD?

    I know that they will be focusing on M3 Pros, will software for M3 Pros be useable with other M3s?
  2. cracker

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    Aug 24, 2005
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    DualScene is basically the official release site now. The software has been updated a few times since April. m3 firmware and manager software is currently at v21. Even if they don't release anymore updates (which won't happen) then newer games would still work since their patching system is pretty damn good the way it is. They will continue to support the m3 for a long time to come because there are so many people who have bought their products with the various versions (CF/SD/SD slim/miniSD) and who will be repeat buyers.

    The m3 Pro is basically the m3 without GBA support but with PDA support added. I believe this means the 32M RAM chip will be taken out of the cart, making it cheaper to produce. But they are implementing the PDA support into the CF and (mini)SD versions of the m3 so in the end the software will probably be exactly the same except no GBA mode, no DS-GBA game linking (unlocking secrets in a DS game if a certain GBA game is 'inserted'), no Normal /DirectCopy DS boot mode on the Pro. So basically it should be named m3 Lite but you know how they like to name products to sell better... Right now they are the leader in selling flash carts for GBA/DS with the EZ Flash being right on their heels so they are sure to keep developing their software and releasing updates to keep themselves in good competition.
  3. falco123

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    Jul 5, 2006
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    I just downloaded this:

    M3_full_install_en( 6-7-06 ) English version V22b ( 6-7-2006 )

    That should be newer than what's at Dualscene, right? Or is it the same, I think Dualscene has E20 and manager 3.14?
  4. danielmakana

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    Apr 29, 2006
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    that is the latest version. M3 gets updates a lot. Last month it had like 4. Its the most updated of all the falshcarts