Luma3DS "An errior occured while loading the payload"

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  1. nicotina117

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    Oct 30, 2015
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    So i have a New 3DS XL with emunand "ReiNAND" on 11.2 and sysnand on 9.2 and i want to update to Luma cause i read its active and reinand doesn't have support anymore. But i put everything on the sd card to load Luma3DS and it give me this error, any help? Thanks a lot!
  2. eureca

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    I was updating my Luma3DS just now and kept getting this error. It was because I didn't copy arm9loaderhax.bin to the root of my SD. I didn't need that file in the past because I wasn't using the ARM9Loader hack. I guess in the new versions now you need it in the root of the SD regardless if you are using that hack or not.

    So that might be your issue. I personally am using CtrBootManager to boot luma3ds from the 3ds/Luma3DS location.