luma cfw emunand file tree question

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    Im running emunand with luma cfw on n3ds xl and everything works correctly and has for several months since i did it. attached is the file tree. went from stock to emunand right after a9hl came out last year. i followed the guide at the time from plailect. but i think i backed up my sd card one too many times or messed up somewhere in restoring my original nnid or something as it didnt keep all my friend codes from the original firmware or nnid. everything is working fine, running 9.2 sysnand and 11.2 emunand. but the file tree looks duplicated and i would like to make more room on the sd card if i can delete some of it.
    Also is there a guide to switch to a9lh from emunand and keep all the info from my emunand since i dont use the sysnand, or is it just easier to keep emunand setup. i imagine i could just backup my saves and wipe my sd card and just start over running a9lh from my sysnand. i dont think i have any tickets to backup except maybe pokebank and the only friends i have are my kids :(

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    The new folders are probably from having an emunand and a sysnand. If you want to switch to only sysnand, which you should, backup your emunand, and restore it to your sysnand using hourglass9. Make sure to use the keep a9lh function.
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