Loz: ST Hard Mode Request

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  1. ScottFalco

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    Nov 8, 2009
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    Spirit Tracks is great, but its pretty easy,
    my sav got deleted and Im looking to go through again,
    but before I do, I wanna see if I can make it more challenging

    Would there be codes to do the following?

    -Make it so 5 hearts is the max amount (If not I can just skip getting containers)
    -The sword does 1/2 damage
    -10 bombs and 10 arrows are the max amount
    -Pits and lava instantly kill you
    -2000 is the max rupee amount
    -Link gets dizzy after 1 sword spin
    -Link gets dizzy after 2 dodge rolls
    -Link either wears the Engineer outfit all the time, or either his blue, red, or purple outfit
    -Enemies and pots dont drop hearts (The only way to heal is either Song of Healing, or potions)

    And anything else you think would make it harder (But beatable)

  2. I am r4ymond

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    Sep 18, 2009
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  3. OtakuGamerZ

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    Feb 19, 2009
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    Want difficulty. Go play LoZ:Parallel Worlds.
    List of reasons why...
    It's a hack of Link to the Past.
    Can play for good couple of hours beating the 1st dungion before even getting your sword.
    You'll die a lot.
    Once getting said sword, it's half as strong as it was.
    You'll die a lot.
    All dungions are harder and remade.
    New story.
    You'll die a lot.
    After beating it with all of the tablets found. You get to play hard mode!

    P.S. You'II die a lot