Looking to do system transfer from cfw 3ds to non cfw 3ds

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    So my friend has my 3ds that has cfw on it and i have my 3ds xl with the sky3ds flashcard. What im looking to do is do a system transfer from the cfw 3ds to my 3ds xl due to my account being on the 3ds with cfw. Is there any steps i need to take before doing the transfer? My concern is the cfw getting screwed up during the transfer. From my understanding after a system transfer it formats the sd card, wouldn't that ruin the cfw entirely? I'd rather be safe than sorry.
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    Anything nonlegit you have on the console will not be transferred.
    The SD card isn't formatted, but if you have a NNID on the XL then the XL will be formatted before the transfer, and the CFW 3DS will be formatted afterwards (doesn't affect CFW though)
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    If you want to be extra cautious, make a backup of the sdcard, but I don't remember it actually formatting the SD card, just wiping installed games and making a new friend code and such. If you select format from system, it does the same thing, all of your cfw-related files should stay.

    If you're not using Rosalina to launch FBI, the format will remove your FBI.CIA (unless you just injected into H&S). You'll need to use godmode9 or decrypt9 to set up FBI again. If you are using Rosalina, no big deal.

    Since you lose any installed CIAs, be prepared for that. Your friend could install the CIAs he wants himself, or you'll need to reinstall them yourself. Save files are lost too, so if he's been playing anything on your account, back up his saves.