LockJaw ver 0.32A

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    LockJaw ver 0.32A

    An Accurate Tetris Clone


    Developer Tepples has updated LockJaw, which is a Tetris clone to version 0.32A. This update brings a large chunk of fixes and improvements as you can see from the changelog below:


    • Changed a CPU yield behavior that was affecting battery efficiency on the GBA and DS front ends.
    • Removed Low Rider gimmick in favor of option for well height.
    • Option for well width, like Shimizu's Tetris Semipro-68k. Combine this with a low well height to simulate BIG mode of TGM and Heboris.
    • Options for entry delay and sideways delay have "max" added to their description to clarify things.
    • All speed options given in Hz or G are given in both.
    • Added option for soft drop speed.
    • Some shared code moved to file "ljgbads.inc".
    • Unavailable hold piece is grayed out.
    • Lock delay = no lock works.
    • Fixed frames/ms display of delays..
    LOCKJAW is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Game Boy Advance (since 0.26), and Nintendo DS (since 0.30 by request from owners of SLOT-1 flash cards).

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    To be able to change a code that can affect battery life (where you can notice it) is really cool! Keep up the good work guys!