LockJaw ver 0.31

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    LockJaw ver 0.31

    An Accurate Tetris Simulator

    LockJaw is a tetromino stacking game that lets you set the rules. It's a free software implementation of the Soviet Mind Game, a highly popular computer puzzle game that involves guiding tetrominoes into a well.

    It includes over 20 options for making variations to the game rules, as well as for practicing specific skill areas. It is known to run on PC, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS.



    • Draws the score and next pieces before blitting the playfield in case a front-end draws the score or next pieces inside the playfield.
    • In Baboo!, speed curve Zero sets the level to the number of keypresses so far.
    • PC, GBA: Plays sound effect for end of section in speed curves that use sections (Master, Death, NES, Game Boy).
    • PC: Option to draw next pieces inside the playfield, above the shadow (requested by caffeine, cdsboy, and Cubicz).
    • GBA, DS: Blocks within a piece are drawn connected once they lock (TOD parity, requested by Lardarse and Bloodstar).
    • GBA, DS: Baboo! no longer double-counts console buttons passed through the joypad reading code.
    • README: "color=image" clone-and-hack error fixed (reported by Bloodstar).
    • README: Explains black rectangle in upper left corner as an icon for stop (requested by herc).
    • README: Explains controls on GBA and DS.
    [​IMG] LockJaw ver 0.31

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    *sees "The New Tetris" in description* MUST GET!
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    so... do i only need to copy over the nds file?

    edit: don't worry i'm fine now.