Loading psx games on V7 fat ps2 with flip top

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by oasis5001, May 24, 2010.

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    I have a V7 fat ps2 with a flip top and freemcboot installed, and I am having trouble running Ps1 backups on it. I thought that I would just have to do a browser swap or go into the Psx Launcher, but I found out that for Ps2 versions 8 and under, you need a boot disc such as Breaker Pro, Gameshark, or Action Replay.

    I burned two games with Alcohol 120 at 4x write speed (lowest it will go.) Should I burn at a faster speed?

    Well, I have an Action Replay Psx Disc that came with the Ps2 version of Action Replay, but I can't seem to get it to work. After I press X after swapping the disc the game just freezes at the Playstation Logo. Any idea of what I should do? Below are some screencaps of the Action Replay screens and the disc. Also, the Action Replay disc has a blue bottom, not black, if it matters.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    dunno, but i have 3 confirmed ways to boot backups:

    1. Using gameshark..
    - just add a non-valid code and start the game. then it will ask you to swap disc, then after that there you go.

    2. TOC based boot
    - use a legit disc with higher TOC by navigating on PS2's Disc menu and make the legit disc recognize by the PS2. after that, swap the disc with another one, and there you go. Bootup

    3. ModChip
    - yes modchip, that will save you from headaches.
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    As far as i know method 2 does only work on a few models, including V9, certainly not including V7 and earlier. If i boot ulaunchelf on my V9 with a retail ps1 disc in the drive, then wait for the drive to stop, then swap for a backup and select boot disc. The game works, if i do that on my V3 or V7, it freezes on the Playstation logo. I think the method that swaps the disc in the browser is basically the same method, but with the danger of damaging the drive.
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    I have a v10 ps2 and the gameshark ps1 bonus codes disc via cogswap method works fine
    you dont need to open the try first like ps2 game ver, you can just boot the game