Links extract of eShop (Enter eShop by PC)

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  1. Keizel

    Keizel GBAtemp Fan

    Jun 28, 2015
    I do not know if it will useful, but I share it.

    You can enter to eShop by links in PC, and you can copy banners and information.

    Here eShop Japanese: eShop JAP.

    Here eShop spanish: eShop SPA.

    For found more versions of eShop, you must change "ES" for other language:

    For example, for japanese eshop:

    Here you can see banner of Twilight Princess HD (JAP):


    Other method:

    The ninja server requires you to have ClCertA:

    How do you get "ClCertA"? Dump and decrypt 0004001b00010002 cia file.
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