Lego Rock Band who's who.

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    Nov 19, 2008
    Coventry, UK
    I'm curious. Those of you who have Lego Rock Band, what did you make your band out to be? Who are the four members of your band? To get things started, here's mine.

    - Me on vocals. Actually not a bad likeness. Has my hair, my clothes, even my vacant expression. It's quite disturbing watching something that's supposed to look like me lip synching to female lead singers. Or even worse, singing along to Jackson 5.
    - My friend Kai on drums. With his black spiky hair, black studded jacket, black jeans and a gormless look on his face. And just like in reality, he sucks on the drums.
    - The lead guitar played was supposed to be my best friend Amy, Kai's little sister. It does look a little like her. But she recently changed her image, so in my efforts to make it look like the new her, it's ended up looking more like Hayley Williams of Paramore. It's only in making her avatar here that I've noticed how she seems to look more and more like ms Williams every day. I wonder if it's intentional?
    - Token Black from South Park on bass guitar. 'cause apparantly he can play bass.

    So, who do you use? Anyone else here use custom characters or do you simply play as Queen? Which is by the way possibly the coolest addition to this game. Seems all the rage to have celebs in these music games. GH3LOR had Slash and Tom Morello, GHWT had Sting, Hayley Williams, etc. Now we have Queen, Blur, Tom Petty, and if you take the time to unlock a few things you can make your band look like The Village People. Although I fail to see why you'd want to...

    I've also found a way of greatly increasing the lifespan of this game. Be deleting Band Hero from your memory card and and accidentally delete your save file for this in the process. I was so close to the end too. Oh well, this is a great laugh, I'll play through again.
  2. Codc

    Codc Advanced Member

    Sep 14, 2009
    Freddie Mercury x4
  3. Chrono_Tata

    Chrono_Tata GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Jan 26, 2008
    I just cycle through the outfits I like. Thought I had Brian May in my band for a while just for the fact he once went to the college I'm going to. [​IMG]
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