Lego Dimensions NFC questions.

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Ok, so I'm here to ask for some info, as I'm not totally in the know when it comes to NFC figures, especially Lego one's. So here's the low down.

The parents are looking around for christmas presents for the younger siblings and we suddenly come across a bulk stack of Lego Dimensions NFC figures, all supposedly blank.

They are the transparent blue ones.

What exactly are these NFC's blank. Are they for both characters (factory set) & the home build ones (Console writes to it) figures?

We're considering buying a bunch of blank ones so we can write both characters & "others" to the nfc's, as we've checked that doing so would be much cheaper. The OTHER thing is how do we write these characters? Can we use the lego dimenions base? Phone? have to get an external writer?

I know some folks have been making "Custom Amiibo" cards. Can the same idea be used for Lego Dimensions.

THanks in advanced for the advice and info.

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