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    PAL wii here, 4.0E. Updated officially with HBC channel preinstalled. cIOS36_rev8, trucha-patched IOS60, and preloader 0.29. WiiKey 2.0 hardmod.

    I have been desperately trying to get Kimi to Boku to Rittai to work on PAL.

    I've tried straight forward NTSC-J wad install (preloader is set for region-free channels) and I get a black screen.
    Have patched it to PAL with wiizle and still black screen.

    Have used the manual crack guide to patch it using wwdunpacker + generic wii patcher to PAL and nothing still.

    Has anyone had any luck running this game on PAL?

    Bear in mind that the last method managed to fix Bonsai Barber NTSC to work on PAL perfectly, as well as Pole's Big Adventure.
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