Keyboard Annoyances.

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware, Devices and Accessories' started by thiefb0ss, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. thiefb0ss

    thiefb0ss GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 26, 2012
    Serbia, Republic of
    I'm starting to hate living in a small apartment. I live in Moscow if you can't see my location and country, which gives me an annoyance. I need to use a KBM switch between keyboards for English (GBAtemp) and Russian (Misc). However I live in a small apartment so the KBM switch is always bumped by something annoying. And furthermore when this switch happens it also means Windows craps out some stupid popup about YOU CHANGED KEYBOARDS DO YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO TF2, OH WAIT THAT'S RIGHT TF2 CRASHES WHEN ALT+TABBED. WELL TOO BAD HOW ABOUT INSTALLING MORE UPDATES??????????
  2. prowler

    prowler Sony

    Jul 14, 2009
    That's nice and all but what do you want us to do about it
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