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Apr 24, 2009
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KBlade's Rune Factory 2 Review​


Overview and Impressions
This game is the sequel to the first Rune Factory. It takes place several years after the game. (or so it says) This game puts you into the shoes of Kyle (or whatever you name him), an amnesiac man who finds himself in Cherry Blossom Square in the town of Alvarna. Interestingly enough, he only remembers his name and nothing else. (how original Marvelous, *sigh*)

This game includes basic farming and talking to villagers. It also includes the features from the previous game such as fighting monsters, forging weapons, performing alchemy, and so on.

The most interesting part is, is that this game is divided into two parts. In the first part, you control Kyle, however in the second, you control your son or daughter.


This is the game's major flaw. The background is nice and fits into the game. The SFX is good also. What makes the sound so bad is the crappy voice acting.

The characters sound like a total mess! The priest sounds like some kid while his daughter sounds like a 40 year old lady. Barrett (the mayor's son) sounds like some 50 year old while the mayor sounds Swedish. (and it sounds really stupid) The worst one is the elf, Jake. He sounds like some freaking gay who needs a voice transplant. Seriously, I wish that he was mute.



This game shines in this aspect. The backgrounds and character sprites are all beautifully made. You can notice small details like cherry blossoms falling or leaves swaying. It really adds a nice touch to the game.

The characters are in anime style and they really all do look good. They are all distinct.

Even the menus look good! They all have that art style that makes it nice on the eyes.

The flaw is that there is a lag whenever too many characters are on the screen. It get's annoying.



The game has some good gameplay. Like I said, it is divided into two parts, you and then your child.

The first part emphasizes highly on romance and it requires you to marry to move to the second generation. While you can't do much in this generation, this generation has more requests. It also requires you to build the school.

Requests are quests in which characters give you tasks to fulfill. These often fetch you nice rewards and increases heart levels.

The second generation emphasizes on everything else. Here, there is a school system.

The school is a place where you learn how to cook different recipes, forge items, and battle and use magic.

Alchemy and Forging don't show up till the second generation. It also unlocks areas in dungeons not previously available.

While the second generation doesn't emphasize too much on relationships, you can still perform "mock marriages". These are pretend weddings with the other kids of Alvarna.

Not everyone might enjoy the way the game is split up. You might get bored before you move onto the second generation.



Replay Value:
This game, being a Harvest Moon, has a lot of things you can do to keep you busy. You can keep unlocking the strongest items, train your weapons, level to 100.

This also includes building everything, and making friends with everyone.

There's not much to say about this game though in replay value. I guess it would last long. You would probably get bored eventually.



Final Score: 8.5/10

A good game, but there is a major flaw in voices. The rest is excellent though.
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