Jump Ultimate Stars PLAYERS WANTED

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    Oct 13, 2007
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    Hi, im not sure if this is in the right section. GBATemp has been a great resource for so long... i recently wanted to play some JUS again, as it is my favorite fast paced game of all time... but it came to my attention that Nintendo had shut down their servers years ago... i followed the tutorial and took the necessary steps to patch my english patched, ARM7 patched ROM to now connect to the private DNS server. (BTW if anyone wants my ROM please email me and i will send you my ROM if you wish)

    For the first time in years im searching for people to battle... but i haven't found a single person yet. If anyone would like to battle in JUS, seriously anytime, please PM me. I will check periodically and if you would like to play often, i will give you my email or other means of getting a hold of me so that we can play on demand.