JKSM is seeming to have a issue i think...

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    Jun 7, 2015
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    I'm not sure. but ok other day I noticed my save on animal crossing new leaf my digital copy was corrupted. (I had to restore old sysNAND) anymew well I imported a save that I was pretty sure wouldn't import cuz it was a save from my cartridge. well luckily it imported into the digital copy. so at least an old save of it can be sitting. which I find funny considering this is my custom set town.

    well now the problem lies within the fact that I used the JKSM after I exported it again in a separate save on the JKSM naming it a different name so I would know which save to use to hack. and now JKSM isn't letting the save go through. I've done like I was supposed to. and was told to do. backup save, NOT REENTER GAME TILL I EDITED IT AND REIMPORTED IT BACK INTO THE GAME USING JKSM. I really need to be able to hack some items this game as weird as it may sound is like my therapy everyday. keeps me sane in this boring old house. so any help out there would and will be appreciated. i'd like to get on with finishing these rooms for my page and to show off in my group on fb. lol. well laters. t.y.i.a.