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  • Some experiments on setting the t-bit on SSD installed in PS3 might prove interesting. Time for system transfer and playing around in OtherOS soon I guess.
    Regular fooling around, trying to get one Rpi Zero working for both PS4 JB and Lego Dimensions emulation
    There's only one command needing sudo: "su -" everything else is just huge bother and nuisance with needless extra typing
    I just don't get Loonixes. Badly written and designed (hack upon hack upon hack, with nobody really on the know how the kernel works anymore.) Documentation - in the rare cases written one exists - is rubbish or even misleading. Ubuntu seems to be worst offender.
    This description pretty much fits on all operating systems. The software has become so huge complex that nobody is remotely able to understand it anymore.
    I have to say that I prefer free/open source over commercial/proprietary garbage with questionable EULA and 10000 integrated anti-features (like spyware) of the kind "No problem, you can turn this off."
    I do love open source, but generally not GPL as better quality stuff tends to have more permissive licences and someone actually bothered with documentation; BSD's, Postgres, LLVM...
    Happy 40th anniversary, Nihon Falcom! Waiting for the anniversary stream @10PM PST
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    Four days to go and my Scarlet Nexus package seems to be stuck in France :(
    Time to finish Xenosaga on PS2 while waiting for 4.88 Evilnat & Scarlet Nexus
    Updating my PS2 after a long, long while...
    You can update your PS2? Wasn't that done through specifically-coded memory cards, and the update got reverted if the card was removed since there was no real memory to store the update on, and thus the idea never gained much headway outside of one or two
    updates and that FreeMcBoot exploit?

    In short, I don't think one can "update their PS2", necessarily.
    Updating FreeHDBoot, wLaunchELF and OPL. Was pretty sure that PS2 HB development was dead untIl I found out about OPL 1.0. Vanity project called OPL DB doesn't count as real development qualitywise.
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