Japanese Hardware and Software Sales

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    Japanese Hardware and Software Sales
    22/12/08 - 28/12/08
    With the launch of the new Gaming News portal, each week I'll be bringing you the sales numbers over in Japan for the week, straight from Media Create, the Japanese version of The NPD Group in America.

    Here are the sales figures from the week 22nd of December to 28th of December. The Hardware sales figures are pretty self explanatory, console name followed by the amount its sold for that week. For the software, it's the title followed by the amount sold for that week, followed by the total amount of units sold ever.


    DSi - 188,697
    Wii - 134,958
    PSP - 118,765
    DSL - 56,453
    PS3 - 45,989
    360 - 13,011
    PS2 - 10,404


    01. [PS3] White Knight Chronicles (SCEI) - 206,954 NEW!!
    02. [PSP] Dissidia: Final Fantasy (Square Enix) - 176,385 (Total: 666,000)
    03. [WII] Animal Crossing: City Folk (Nintendo) - 144,179 (Total: 876,000)
    04. [NDS] Kirby Super Star Ultra Deluxe (Nintendo) - 140,934 (Total: 920,000)
    05. [NDS] Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode (Nintendo) - 105,225 (Total: 547,000)
    06. [NDS] Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo) - 84,515 (Total: 1,445,000)
    07. [NDS] Phantasy Star Zero (SEGA) - 84,055 NEW!!
    08. [NDS] Pokemon Platinum (Pokemon Co.) - 78,653 (Total: 2,231,000)
    09. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) - 71,347 (Total: 3,051,000)
    10. [WII] Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) - 69,913 (Total: 2,066,000)

    And that's it for this week. Until then~

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    I wonder if the DSi sale figures represent imports (or exports depending on how you look at it) also?

    It is also cool to me that 10,000 PS2s sold this week.
    I still play mine and since new games keep coming out for it
    (i.e. the gundam games and such)
    I guess it is still useful.

    Also, this whole general gaming section rules,
    this could be useful for those User Submitted News articles that deserve more attention.
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    Glad for White Knight Chronicles. Kirby will probably break 1 million in the next week or two. Maybe they should announce something about Kirby Wii now? heh.
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    Jun 9, 2006
    Man I really want Pokemon Platinum to come out here!!! Japanese jerks hogging it to themselves [​IMG]
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    White Knight Chronicles seem to be doing well. Good for it, the PS3 needs all the help it can get now [​IMG]

    and I'm STILL wondering how is Sony's highest selling system (the PSP's sales are just below the DSi) getting the fewest games of them all..
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    Well, the User Submitted News roundup I used to do was a prelude to this section. We eventually wanted to have a Gaming section, and the USN Roundup was a good way of breaking that in. What makes this better then the USN roundup though, now, is that each piece of submitted news can get more attention instead of all being dumped on you at once each week.

    I'm glad you like it!
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    I love reading software sales, that's a good way to tell which consoles are doing well and which arent.
    Doesnt really mean much for the 360 in Japan though because the 360 is nearly non existent there!
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    Wow, all year long the PSP was ahead of the DS in hardware sales.

    It was a hard fought battle but the DS finally pulled ahead of the PSP during the last few weeks of the year.

    DS wins the 2008 JPN hardware battle.

    Color me surprised. I never thought they pull it off.
  9. The Teej

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    Actually the 360 has done really well as of late. The first half of 2008, 360 weekly sales were only a few thousand at best, where as now hitting 10-15k is an average week, which is better then XBOX has ever done in Japan, ever.
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    You can probably thank Tales of Vesperia for quite a bit of the Japanese 360 sales.