Issue with updating AMD video driver

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by Hadrian, Mar 26, 2013.

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    There was me about to go and play Bioshock Infinite, Steam told me my driver needed to be updated...normally I'd ignore this and play the game and it would work perfectly with no issues but for some reason my brain was in a stupid mood and thought "fuck it" and went to update.

    Big mistake. AMD Catalyst thingy ran for a bit and then I had a blue screen of death, restarted and for some reason my video driver uninstalled and now for whatever reason it would not reinstall the driver, in the log it says:

    "AMD Display Driver: Final Status Failed"
    "HDMI/DP Audio Driver: Final status failed"

    Of course I have the right version for the card and for Windows 7 64 bit.

    It just would not install this damn driver. It's only a old card Radeon HD does the job, I can play my games on high and all that. I can't go to device manager to update it...because when it does it says something like "file is corrupt and unreadable".

    I've looked all over various forums, done various things like uninstalling, reinstalling AMD catalyst thingy, did the Driver Sweeper and right now I'm at a loss.

    A little help?
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    Wait wait wait wait. A BSoD is serious stuff, and it needs to be analyzed first, period.

    Find the latest 5 files or so, copy them onto your desktop.
    Then upload those copies to some file host and give us the links.
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