iSmart MM patch update 2.1 20120521

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    The iSmartDS team have released a patch update for their iSMM flash cart that should support Meitantei Conan - Kakokara no Zensou Kyoku.
    Unlike the last couple of releases this is just a patch update so you will need a full kernel set up and then to replace the files with the ones from this download.

    Release notes

    [​IMG] download post
    [​IMG] Filetrip download (patch update)
    [​IMG] Filetrip download (older full kernel)

    Thanks to Mbmax for the heads up on the news

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    its great to see supercard supporting this product. i only wish they did the same with the iplayer.

    -another world
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    Nov 7, 2006
    In fact the dstwo patches are compatible with the ismm kernel 2.1. Easy to maintain. ;)

    Thanks FAST6191 for the news on GBAtemp. :)