is this guide any good

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    Mar 14, 2009
    hey guys, ive been looking for a simple straight forward guide on how to get stuff going, i saw this on another site n wanted to ask here if its any gd and if its up to date etc

    (was probably taken from here to begin with =P)

    How It works:: Well the Wii System Menu currently runs on IOS30 (for all those who understand IOS). Homebrew runs on IOS35, and basically what you are going to do today is to install a Custom IOS36 into IOS249 (Won't effect your wii)

    Also make sure that the Internet24 is disabled as this can automatically update your wii and may undo all the hard work you have done

    Okay, lets begin.

    You need:

    Homebrew Channel
    SD Card
    Computer With DVD-R Burner
    DVD-Rs (The higher quality the better)
    Wii (Duh)
    Original copy of zelda
    Link below for apps

    STEP 1 Set the files

    1. Copy the CONTENTS of the folder Copy the CONTENTS to ROOT to the ROOT of the SD Card

    2. There is an ImgBurn Installer there if you want it

    STEP 2 Install cIOS36 Rev7
    In this step we install cIOS36 Rev7

    Step 1: Open the Homebrew Channel

    Step 2: Click on the App labeled "Apps/cIOS Rev7/boot.dol" and then click Load

    Step 3: Read the Disclaimer and Agree or Disagree

    Step 4: Select WAD INSTALL

    Step 5: Once it is done, select the option to restart your Wii

    Step 6: You're done!

    STEP 3 Install DVDx
    Any DVDx installed must be uninstalled before preceding.

    Step 1: Open The Homebrew Channel

    Step 2: Select the app labeled "Apps/DVDx/boot.dol", and hit load

    2a. Select "Advanced Install"
    2b. For IOS, select 249 (IOS249) (You have to use the D-Pad to select 249)
    2c. Hit Install

    Your Done Installing DVDx

    STEP 4 Install Backup Loader 0.3
    In this step you will install a Channel called the Backup Launcher 0.3 GAMMA Channel

    Step 1: Open The Homebrew Channel

    Step 2: Select the app labeled "Apps/WADManager1.3/boot.dol", and hit load

    Step 3: Read the Disclaimer and Agree or Disagree

    Step 4: Hit A

    Step 5: Select Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma:


    NTSC - US Wiis
    PAL - European, African and some Asian Wiis
    JAP - Japanese and some Asian Wiis
    RegionFrii - Region Free (Works on any Wii)

    Step 6: Hit A when it asks you if you're sure you want to install it

    It will Install and bring you back to the list

    Step 7: Hit the Home button to restart your Wii

    You should have a new channel...The Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma Channel

    STEP 5 Make and Run Games
    I will teach you how to make and run games

    if you have an iso that is 4.37GB it is UNPATCHED (1:1) and if it is 3.99GB it is PATCHED.

    Bakcup Launcher works better with unpatched games than it does with patched ones

    The DVD Read Error is because the disc is not good, you need to be burning to medium to good quality DVD-R Discs. (Notice the dvd-R. NO DVD+Rs)

    If you have an Iso you should burn it on to a DVD-R at 2x-4x, but the loader runs at 3x, so 3x is perfect if you can burn at 3x. A great FREE burning program is ImgBurn for PCs and you can use the built in Disk Utility for Macs

    All you have to do then is stick it in your wii and hit launch game
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    What you probably want is to follow the link where you found the guide to see if anyone followed the guide and succeeded. I would be surprised if someone would actually take the time to analyze this guide for you, especially when the source is unknown. You didn't specifically say what you wanted to accomplish either; you just said that you wanted to get "stuff" going.
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    This is a good guide but a little old, it's the same one that I used to get my Wii hacked. Keep in mind all this is giving you is the Backup Launcher Channel so you can play burned games. I'm sure there are newer more updated ones but this will get you going. Good luck!
  4. johnnyturk

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    Mar 14, 2009
    what i plan to do is make it so that i can install wads which i pretty much know how to do

    but also to play backups off of dvd-r through the disc channel if its possible, but i am guessing thats what the backup launcher demo is for?

    is any of the above stuff out of date? i dont want dvdx or the media player, far as i can tell theyre only to play back dvds n stuff?

    id also like to be able to play other region games, far as i can tell this is possible but i dno how n with what