Is there a way to read/understand nand/firmware .bin files?

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    When dumping firmwares backups and such for A9LH install, I may have named some of the files wrong according to the guide (I installed a9lh from the old guide, not the current one- also- I do not need any help finishing the install to clarify, I have it done- just the backups I have were named wrong due to not understanding the nand naming controls on the 3ds)

    Is there a way to read nand/firmware files before flashing them? Or is it possible to have a pc program that can read these files and tell you what version is on there, what games or .cias, etc.?

    If there isn't something like that, it would be somewhat useful to have it.
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    Restore to emuNAND and you can check what it is. If you're flashing to sysNAND, always use keep A9LH option (the only if you're using Hourglass9)
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    You could mount the NAND and browse the filesystem with godmode9, but I'm not sure how much you'd figure out. You could probably at least figure out what games were installed, but besides that I'm not sure.
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