Homebrew Is there a decent file explorer for the Wii U, or an easy way to port a Wii one?


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Jan 19, 2019
Hi guys! Apologies if this question is too generic, but I figured I'd try my luck at getting the XP bonus that comes from asking a question here :P

So the question title is pretty much self-explanatory...and if there's no easy way to port WiiXplorer or another Wii project that accomplishes the same things, I'd be interested in developing my own. But I'm afraid I need a bit of guidance to do that, as discussed on this request thread.

MTIA for any helpful advice offered! :D

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  • Veho @ Veho:
    sshfs you say...
  • Veho @ Veho:
    I use SFTP but it doesn't have the bells and whistles.
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    Dumb dx11 and lutris
  • Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy:
    sshfs allows you to mount networked storage on a machine as a FUSE filesystem. It's sftp under the hood but has all of the interactivity and usability you'd expect of a locally mounted filesystem. Downside, it can slow down a little bit with massive directories, but I haven't personally run into that yet
  • Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy:
    This perspective is all linux oriented fwiw. I believe there's an sshfs driver for Windows, but I haven't used it yet. and no idea for MacOS
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    Ftp is life if not on wifi
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    yeah ftp and occasionally samba at the house.
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    By the way under Windows you can use Total Commander to access so many sources as drives, SFTP, FTP, WebDav, Cloud shares, etc.
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    Total Commander rules.
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    I think i can't sleep
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    jailbreaking windows and android is op
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  • BakerMan @ BakerMan:
    i thought that's what they were talking about
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    I heard the first súper meat boy game is better
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    Free is good.
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    I almost never use steam, just gonna pirate it
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    And I heard the steam client makes your pc go slow
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    Oh and it stopped working with Windows 8.1
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    That's fair.
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    I don't know if the epic games store still works in Windows 8 or not
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    I heard epic is worse
    Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty: I heard epic is worse