Is the PS3 the best option out there for Blu-ray?

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    Jan 30, 2008
    I'm not really into the PS3 but my parents are planning to buy a 3DTV soon. I just saw a "3DTV package" at my local store and they're selling a 3DTV along with a 3D Blu-ray player and a "starter kit that includes 3D glasses" for £1500. The TV costs £1000 and everything else costs £500. I just suggested to them that they should get a PS3 instead because it is cheaper and a better Blu-ray player (since it is more than a Blu-ray player). The question is: am I right in suggesting it? Another reason I suggested it is because I am aware that the PS3 has an update that allows 3D playback (I don't know if it's yet to be released or if it's already released).

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    Sony is selling televisions right now, with a free PS3 included (with an extra 5 3D games, iirc). The NX710, NX810, HX800, HX900 and LX900.

    I don't know if this is offered in the UK too. I can't find it at
    At (my country) it's on the front page:

    It's not in English though, but in Dutch.
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    Yeah in the UK I've seen adverts with PS3's bundled. It's probably a good option, as you said it has 3D enabled too. Just have a look around at and you should see a good deal somewhere.
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    Best? No, its more of a multimedia, you can get blu-ray players that startup faster and whatnot. If you get a PS3 you may want to get a remote for it too, its kinda weird to use a controller. A PS3 can play game and blu-ray and it isn't bad for its price.
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    i don't know, but don't fall for any "3d starter kit" or any package offered through a retail store, they are usually a rip off.

    buy the components separate and do it online.