Is my Wii Dead or Not Plz Help Thx

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  1. philc

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    Sep 18, 2009
    Hi i would like to say what a great forum this is full of usefull info.

    Sorry if this has been asked before i have been searching loads of forum's with no luck this is mabe because i don't quite know what i should be looking for i feel like the a mouse running round in he's wheel.

    My problem is i had my wii all setup to play all backup using this topice
    thankyou for the info

    I came home last night and my lad had the Wii out and browwed Tiger Woods 10 off his mate,the daft little sod updated the Wii because he could
    not play the game until he had done this he said.
    Now the unit is dead there seams to be no system menu just a blank screen after you switch it on.

    I can get into the preloader menu by holding the reset while turnning the system on,i also can get the Homebrew channel by starting it this way
    i have Bootmii installed on the system i think & i have made a Nand backup stored on my pc desktop.

    I have tried to start Bootmii by going to the Homebrew channel and pressing home then when the menu pops up i click on Bootmii and the blue light round the cd drive just flashes blue.

    Any Help would be very wlcome.

  2. ozguy

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    Apr 11, 2009
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    Do you have an SD card in the slot?
    BootMii requires an SD card to be inserted or it just flashes the drive slot light.

    Do you have WadManager installed?
    If you do, try reinstalling the 4.1 update.
  3. CasperH

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    Just reinstall a 4.1 wad via WAD manager and you should be OK [​IMG]
  4. philc

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    Sep 18, 2009
    Hi Thx Ozguy

    forgot to put the bootmii on the card.
    Yes mate i have WadManager installed,i have tried the unpdate it say press any key so i do but nothing happens just shuts the system down.

    As for the bootmii i try to restore with the Nand files but says it cannot find it on the SD card

    Thx for the quick relpy CasperH
    Sorry how do you load 4.1 via the WadManager
    I have tried the firmware up date but nothing happens.

    This is what it says when i try to restore...

    RestoreMii v0.6,Nand ID: addc1095
    checking boot2....
    bootmii not found too dangerous to continue
    if your sd card is crrupt orrestore is will be unable to boot or fix it.

    I press A and nothing happens.
    Thx PC
  5. CasperH

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    I am not allowed to give you links to wads but a bettet idea came to my mind.
    Try to run firmware update 4.1 by waninkoko. It has the same effect only easier
  6. philc

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    Sep 18, 2009
    Hi Casper

    I ran the firmware update 4.1 by waninkoko.It says plz wait then 1 second later it say press any button to restart

    Nothing happens.

    Also i have WadManager installed 1.4 waninkoko.
    It say select IOS version to use this correct
    select source device Wii SD card
    these are the wads on my sd card

    Thx for any help
  7. philc

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    Sep 18, 2009
    BIG..BIG...SHOUTOUT TO SuperRob from Quicksilver forum


    Many Many Thx SuperRob

    How to fix a Fully Bricked Wii:

    1. Download
    2. Place all the files from the above links on the root of the SD card.
    3. Create a folder called BannerBomb for the boot.dol file, which is in the DowngradePackv3, and place that folder in the Apps folder and place the boot.dol file in it.
    4. Insert the SD card into the Wii and turn it on to get Bootmii and boot into HBC from there. The wiimote doesn't work on Bootmii. You have to press the power button to highlight the HBC and then press select to access the HBC.
    5. You can access BannerBomb from the HBC and from there follow steps 6-8 for downgrading and installing the Wii firmware.
    6. On the Wii, launch BannerBomb, then go to "downgradetools" in the SD and choose notDVDX34.dol. Pick "Downgrade IOS35", wait for it to end and come back to the menu, then exit.
    7. Launch PatchMii IOS Downgrader.dol.
    8. This step will take a while to complete (you have to monitor it) but it is worth the wait to fix a bricked Wii. When it says "IOS 249 (Revxx) loaded successfully", install all of the IOSes except IOS35 (with trucha patch). If a IOS doesn't install correctly it will stop the entire installation. Remember which IOS didn't install. Start from step 7 again and just skip all the other IOSes to get back to the IOS that failed and install the rest from there. Don't install system menu 3.2 but install system menu 4.0. MAKE SURE that its IOS has been installed correctly:
    - System Menu 4.0 requires IOS60
    9. Install preloader from the HBC as you will need it to make the Wii automatically boot into the system menu.
    10. Turn off the Wii. Turn it on and immediately press and hold the select button. This will let you access Preloader.
    11. Go to the settings of Preloader and make it boot into the system menu.
    12. Press the B button to get back to the Preloader main menu and then select the system menu option to bootup your Wii.
    13. You may or may not have to reinstall any backup loader you may have had before your Wii was bricked.
    14. Your Wii is now fixed!!!