Is keeping a Static IP a good idea?

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    I'm not an internet expert so please explain easier.
    I've setted up a static ip for a server, although i heard some people say that static ips are MUCH better than having a dynamic ip, while others say that having a static ip can be dangerous.

    I'm not sure what to believe, is a static ip safer/better than having a dynamic ip or vice-versa?
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    People may think that the Dynamic IP address is more secure than the Static, as it changes with each session on the network and it becomes difficult for the hackers to find the computer. In contrast, a static IP address can become a security risk, because here the address is always the same and it is easier to track the computer for data mining purposes or someone who is really determined to find your computer and cause damage to it has a better chance of doing so or has more time to work on getting past your security. But, according to me, the type of IP address assigned has nothing to do with the security of the computer when you have a good security program or a firewall installed on it.
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    It depends on what you're using it for. For a server, you need a static IP or else the domain would direct to an IP that constantly changes, although most web hosting services can monitor IP changes with a program so it honestly doesn't really matter. I have a dynamic IP because it doesn't cost money and because I torrent a lot of stuff.
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    You're not an Internet expert and you got a static ip?
    Dude, are you high?

    You got a static ip for 3 reasons maybe.
    First your ISp gave you one (very rarely) and you was like "cool I got a static ip".
    Second, you got a static ip because you want to learn stuff and you have no idea so you wanna learn as you go along. Ok cool ... Which ties into the third point.
    Third, you got money to burn so you're paying twice as much as everybody else for Internet service.

    Kids nowadays!
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