Hacking iPod as an external USB?


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Nov 20, 2009

I am trying to use my iPod as an external USB and load backup games from it. To give you the run down.

My Wii is modded correctly with the HBC and also the normal GX USB loader. backup games load fine with no problem (usually ) ) from my formatted WBFS USB sticks. As I am now going through these at a rapid rate I thought that "maybe" I could use my iPod instead.

Doing this seems to be possible with the Configurable USB loader which can use a FAT 32 partition or a WBFS partition. I have now installed this channel via HBC and been tinkering around with it to try and get the iPod to be recognised. I have reformatted the iPod using FAT32, extracted the files using wbfs_file.exe from the ISO to the \wbfs directory on the pod.

However when using the loader it seems that it does not seem to be able to read the pod (and yes it is in the right port!). It starts with the message of reading USB and then freezes at 1 second and that's it - both for WBFS and also FAT32.

Looking through the documentation on the Configurable USB loader it does give you the option to change the partition in the config.txt to reflect what partition you would like the loader to read. However even when playing around with these it still freezes (I tried partition=1 to 4 for the reason given below). My thinking is that the reason that it does not load is that there is 78mb unallocated partition on the drive which I am assuming is there for the pod's firmware. I am EXTREMELY reticent to delete this partition as I think it will brick the pod's OS, something I don't really want to do.

I have also ensured that the pod is booting up to disc mode by holding down the centre and menu buttons and then immediately on reboot pressing play and the center button.

Some might wonder why I want to do this with a pod. Well.......it makes life easier than multiple USBs and also I am hoping once I get this going to start looking at what media I might be able to play on the Wii that is already stored on the pod: mp3s, movies etc. I am aware that the Wii will not play m4a etc....but I may start tailoring my pod with media that can be played via the wii and also the pod. A side question on that note - has anyone got a .mov to work on the wii?

Another note - the pod I am using should work according to the documentation I have found to date.

One thing further - if I do get this working I will post a tutorial on same - unless it's already out there and I have been a t**t and missed it!

If anyone can help on this it would be appreciated!
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