Installing .VPK's?

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    I'm picking up a Vita later today. I just wanted to know how to install .vpk's. From what I understand I just connect my Vita to my PC, drag and drop the .vpk's and open molecule and install it. Is that it or am I missing something?
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    Mar 10, 2016

    Installing Homebrew

    1. The homebrew package you wish to install should be a file with the .vpk extension.
    2. Make sure Wifi is enabled and you are connected to the same network as the host computer.
    3. Open “shell” by launching the bubble.
    4. Press SELECT to start a FTP server. Please note that the FTP server is not password protected. Only run it on a trusted local network.
    5. Note the IP address displayed in a message popup.
    6. Open your FTP client on the host computer and connect to that IP address.
    7. Navigate to “ux0” (this is the root of your memory card or internal storage) and you can upload the .vpk package here or in any subdirectory.
    8. Once you upload all the packages you wish to install you can disconnect the client.
    9. Back in molecularShell, press CIRCLE to stop the FTP server.
    10. Navigate to “ux0:” and then to where you placed the packages. To install, select the package and press X.
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