i want some advice.

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  1. bjorno

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    Sep 13, 2009
    Well.. my wii is now at Ninty (i bricked it, so i sent it in, dont ask how i bricked it, because thats not the point of this thread)

    Well.. they are soon giving my wii back (probably they updated my faforite firmware 3.2E to 4.2E)
    So i will just use the guide from xZero (or something like that) to softmod it again with bootmii and preloader.
    After i did it, i had to install Cios etc.

    now the point..

    I want to play NSMB, so i quess step 1 is to download and install trucha bug ios 53 with dop ios? (correct me if im wrong)
    And then i can play with Neogamma.

    Q1: If i install ios 53 that is trucha bugged ( will this brick my wii?, and why not? Explain)
    Q2: I dont like bricks, so preloader could help a lot, but installing the " Priiloader" it wont brick my wii right? when i apply some hacks (without power down)
    Q3: Wich ios do i need to trucha bug and how?
    Q4: Wich ios i may NEVER TOUCH!

    Well hope i get some helpfull replies [​IMG]
  2. XFlak

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    Sep 12, 2009
    u can install the non-trucha pateched IOS53 and still have NSMB work. U can patch, or u can choose not to, either way makes no difference. There is a whole thread devoted to getting this game to work, for specifics, check that out.

    Priiloader should not brick your wii, i would recommend installing this if u dont have bootmii as boot2

    u need the trucha bug in your system menu IOS to play pirated wiiware and vc games (IOS70 for 4.2, IOS 60 for 4.0 and 4.1). IOS36 needs the trucha bug only to install the cios, after that it doesn't really matter.

    the IOSs that commonly lead to bricks is the system menu ios, never ever ever uninstall it. And if your on 4.1 or 4.0 and installing IOS60, be sure you not installing the most recent version (i think its 6400) as this is a stub and u will brick your wii.

    if u ever install a new system menu, it will uninstall any version of priiloader/preloader. If u do this, be sure to re-install priiloader for brick protection