i need to know compatible sd cards

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    i'm looking for a 8GB or 16GB sdhc card or micro sdhc card that work on the wii.before anyone says the wii doesn't support sdhc it does but its just the homebrew channel not the system itself.but it can't be class 4 or 6.i already have an 8GB mico card sd card that doesn't work and i see the number 4 on it already so i think its a class 4.i also heard from one of my posted called hombrew channel 1.0.1 here is the link http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=126...p;#entry1677448
    that class 6 also may not be supported.again i think i have a class 4 micro sd card because the fact i see a number 4 circled on my 8GB.
    please if you can give me a compatiable list of sdhc cards that work with the homebew channel.i know how to use the chaanel at the moment i'm using a kingston 2GB microsd card.if you would like to know my 8GB is also a kingston and all its good for is my DS lite.it doesn't have to be a kingston i'm just looking for an sdhc card that works with the homebrew channel