1. quackgoestheduck

    OP quackgoestheduck Newbie

    Aug 3, 2020
    United States
    Hey I am not a modder but recently I wanted to try my hand at updating ThatOneInvader's Star Fox 64 3D Voice Restoration mod with the new uncompressed voice files that came out.

    The only problem is when I convert the .wav files to the .bcstm files it seems to not work. When I tried testing them, my 3DS would crash if I using BRSTM Converter or the sounds would be silent when using Looping Audio Converter. When opened in BrawlBox it shows an error message. "BCSTM files with more than one track data section are not supported" even though the file is in mono.

    If anyone knows how to fix this or if you know somewhere else I could try to get help, I'd really appreciate.
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