I know, typical questions, but I need assurance.

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    So, I just ordered this N-Card from DealExtreme, and I don't plan on going back on it now, but I feel like I need reassurance that it's a reasonable option for what I'm looking for.

    I'm not looking to play every game on this, quite the opposite, I'm not that heavy of a gamer. I've read the FAQ, I know the facts. I guess my main concern is that this technology is severely outdated, based on the way people here talk. Yeah, I know the cards that rely on the mini SDHC cards are superior, but as ignorant as it sounds, I hate tiny shit. By which, I mean I don't like having one actual game cartridge and one tiny SD card to deal with. I liked the simplicity angle of N-Cards, drag and drop, end of transaction.

    One thing I didn't get from the FAQ is how necessary is updating the firmware? If I'm not keeping up on anything, and plan on playing primarily launch titles, does it truly matter? What's the huge advantage to updating besides increased compatibility? Did I make a tragic mistake, albeit one I can live with and easily correct later? (DealExtreme is sold out of any of the mini SD solutions I would have considered, and I'm an impatient bastard, had to have something I could order now, regardless of the fact it will still take 12-17 days for delivery.)

    I guess I like the idea of breaking up my DS flash hardware and my GBA flash hardware. For the casual gamer, are these solutions OK? I'm not asking for opinions on superiority for shit I won't use, like music/movies, just strictly game play. Is the N-Card old hat? I didn't get the impression it was, but I haven't even had it in my hands yet, so I know zilch, as I base knowledge on real in-hand experience.

    Enlighten me, noble sirs!
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    I haven't ordered my N-Card from that site but I'm sure that there is a good chance your N-Card will come in with the latest firmware already installed. The last firmware for that was dated somewhere in mid 2007. I'm pretty sure whoever manufacturers that is already making them with the latest firmware already on them.

    I've had my N-Card for a few months now and it works perfactly.

    It will run the Zelda game and such. As long as you have the latest firmware that supports 4mbit Saves, then you can run just about any game on it. If you haven't ordered it yet, I would skip the 1GB one and go for the 2GB one. Since the memory isn't upgradeable, you might as well get the largest one.

    Infact skip the N-Card and get this:


    Its IDENTICLE to the N-card execpt the label. But that USB thing it comes with is alot better, since the transfer rate will be much faster. The firmware on it is also identicle to the N-Card. So it should work with all current games as well. Due to the new USB reader device, the firmware upgrade process for the F-Card is a mystery to me since I don't own one.

    I'd buy that USB adapter right now if they sold it seperatly from the F-Card. Its said to work on N-Cards too. But alas I can only find it bundled with the Fire Card.
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