I have EZ Flash 5 Kernel 2.0, How do I apply EZ5i Kernel 3.0 O

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    OK, trying to play Golden Sun. I have EZ Flash 5 Kernel 2.0. How do I apply the EZ5i Kernel 3.0 Open Beta 3 update? When I drag the update in, It just leaves the bin file there and when I turn on the DS nothing has changed and I see no option to put the software in special mode, speed 5, 6 or 7.

    The update states:

    f you have an EZ5, EZ5 nye or EZ5 plus you need to get one of the 2.0 kernels- as of the 3.0 release the kernels were split to enable easier management of code.
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    Nov 7, 2006
    Kernel 3.0 series is only for the EZ-Flash Vi aka EZVi or EZ5i.

    There is no special mode available on the EZ5v1, v2 or Plus. Hardware limitation. Only the bootstrap/bootloader can be updated on this, not the firmware.

    Do you own an EZ5i ?