I have a problem when injecting new music into Pokkén.

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    Oct 23, 2014
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    I am having a small problem when trying to replace BGM_STG_017.nus3bank (or anything, for that matter,) in this game. It either doesn't loop or it loops twice and fades out when it should be looping a third time. Making an IDSP and renaming it to BGM_STG_017.nus3bank works fully, however, this drowns out any other sound effects and music, including the burst theme, leading to some unwanted sound clashing. I have not tested it with any nus3banks from brawl custom music, because I don't have reliable internet. I will, however, try it tonight and see if that works.

    I've been making the nus3banks with nus3bankEditor 2.11, and it works perfectly for smash, but oddly, not for this game. Any help would be appreciated.