I don't understand what games are available on PKGj.

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    How come certain games don't show up? For example, The House in Fata Morgana isn't on there. I guess I'm not sure how it works, I assumed it was like a back door type of thing to PSN or something but seems not. Is there a reason some are missing, is it just that they aren't uploaded perhaps?
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    NPS Browser is just a tool that loads a list of links and keys from a TSV file, downloads said file, and passes the file+key to an external decrypter;
    pkgJ (and the older pgkI) work exactly the same way apart from having the decrypter built into the main app

    Of course, to use them legally, you're supposed to feed them TSVs that only contain software you legally own a copy of ;)

    If you want to share what you own (I'm actually not even sure whether that's illegal) you can contribute to the google doc linked on the website you can download NPS Browser from - that's the list the default TSVs for pkgJ come from
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    Words of wisdom. Keep this on mind before you post something silly, like, say, a bunch of links to copyrighted content in convenient databases. That would be very naughty, don't do that guys. ;)