How would you improve the Switch?

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    Well there's already a 512GB SD card, and Sandisk already has a prototype of a 1TB SD card, so 512GB microSD card might show sometimes soon, but It will probably cost more than the Switch itself though, considering that he 512GB SD card costs 265$ on amazon.
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    Meh, give it a year. I don't think there will be 512GB worth of games by then anyway lolz. Haven't even made a dent in my 128GB card yet. I don't know what everyone was complaining about. 32GB is plenty when there ain't no bloody games! I plan on buying carts until it's hacked, I don't think I'll ever have 128GB worth of saves. The only thing that will fill up my card would be homebrew and *ahem* game backups. I don't see that happening anytime soon tho.
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    I don't have a problem with the power of the Switch, if we're honest it's a portable system, not a home console. For that, it's doing pretty good.

    What I'd like is for Nintendo to drag their arses out of the past and offer modern system features. Y'know cloud backups, saves on SD cards. Easily swapped between systems.
    A robust online service with a proper community aspect.
    A PS Now style subscription for their vast library of older systems games. None of this renting one game for a month nonsense.

    Online and associated services are where Nintendo always fails. They're too reluctant to offer value for money. Failing to take into account economies of scale. If they offered more for less, they'd get more takers and ultimately make more money. In theory at least.
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    A Hammer, Start over from scratch.
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    If we're talking about just the switch console itself...

    1. Vastly improved dock
    2. Gorilla glass for the screen
    3. Improved stand
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    - Better dock
    - more storage
    - longer battery life
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    Apr 9, 2009
    I think my only complaint is the lack of utilizing the dock to improve the consoles performance while in it.
    Would've been a way to upgrade the console in the future should they ever want or need to. Might still be possible of course, i'm no hardware engineer. I just assume it's not quite so simple.

    Otherwise it's a stellar system. It's basically a vita XL and I love it. Barely ever use it docked anyway.
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    Jun 29, 2007
    - Killing the 3DS today and channeling all efforts into the Switch.
    - Games. More games.
    - Third party support. Japanese games specially.
    - More battery life.

    PS: I don't want shitty multiplatform AAA games, I want good games designed specifically for the Switch.
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    You do realize that those screens have special sensors right? You cant use a wacom pen on just any touch screen. The screen must have a special digitizer which is like a second plastic glass below the screen. This wont work. Never. Because its not a software issue, its a hardware one.

    Going back to the topic:

    -Bluetooth headphones and mic compatiblity
    -Audio jack on pro controller and joycons.

    As it is right now, you need 2 pair of headphones (one for the console, one for your cellphone) to use voice chat, and 4 ears to wear the 4 headphones!

    And you cant be at the bed using the docked console on the tv if you plan to wear headphones unless you have a 3 meters long audio cable.

    Frankly the thought of that gives me headaches already. Its really non comfortable. The procontroller should have an audio jack at least.

    -fix left joycon issue
    -more battery

    The revision will likely come with bluetooth compatibility, a pascal chip for 5 hours battery and the left joycon. Kinda regretting supporting the console from day one now.
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  10. TesseractStorm

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    I think the post was refering to the handful of bluetooth styli out there, capacitive styli with pressure sensitivity communicated to compatible apps through BT.
  11. Alkéryn

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    You are ignorant then, the pressure sensor are IN the pen, and you can use a pen which mimic the body capacitance for the location so
    YES with software and a bluetooth pen that have pressure sensitivity and is intended to use with android tablets, you could do it ...
    sure it wont be as accurate as a wacom pen but since you would have pressure sensitivity and not too bad location it would be okay
    In brief, it IS a software issue
    Yes it would not work with a wacom pen and that was never what i was saying
    but it can work with other pens that simulate your finger on the capacitive touchscreen and you send the pressure data from it through bluetooth
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  12. Gadd

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    Jan 18, 2017
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    can you say 1080p screen update and virtual boy addon??
  13. supergamer368

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    May 22, 2016
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    1. Add a camera to the tablet
    2. Stop the games from lagging
    3. 1 2 Switch. nuff said.

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    Away from this shithole
    By sticking to my n3DS.