Hacking How to recover valkyria chronicles 2 corrupted save data ?


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Feb 28, 2012
okay, so i am saving my valkyria game when suddenly my psp turns off, and when I turn it on later my Valkyria 2 save data is corrupted,
I already tried the freecheat and magicsave with no luck
I have an old backup of this game but it's at january,
meanwhile the game I was playing right before it corrupted is already in march,I know it's not a big progress,
still, I really want to play from the last point, because I am not the one who can play the same game all over again when I just played it 2 or 3 days before,
I realized the save data folder name before it got corrupted is ULUS10515, and when it got corrupted,
the folder name changed to _MOD_00000000002276837573 and then,
the param.sfo file is gone after corrupted, the DATA0 is also become 0kb,
while before it got corrupted, the DATA0 is 11kb,
I tried to copy paste both files from the not corrupted one to my corrupted save data folder and change the folder name to the ULUS10515,
(as said in this link http://www.gamefaqs....answers?qid=909 )
then in save data utility the save data is not corrupted anymore,
but in the game, it still read as corrupted, is there anyway to fix this?
also.. I have psp3003 with 6.20 PRO, so when I am using freecheat,
I was wondering, should the plugins for 6.20?
becasuse the only available plugins is ms0:/FreeCheat/fc_3xx.prx If you're above CFW 3.80 M33
and ms0:/FreeCheat/ fc_371.prx when you're on CFW 3.71 ???
Can anyone help me please?? :D
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